You can find most of the lab articles on Simon Gravel's Google Scholar profile.

Some selected publications:

Variational Inference with Polygenic Risk Scores

S. Zabad, S. Gravel, Y. Li "Fast and Accurate Bayesian Polygenic Risk Modeling with Variational Inference." AJHG. 110, 1 (2023)

A variational approach to polygenic risk prediction, implemented as the VIPRS software.

Dara visualization and topological modelling

A. Diaz-Papkovich, L. Anderson-Trocmé, C. Ben-Eghan, S. Gravel (2019). "UMAP reveals cryptic population structure and phenotype heterogeneity in large genomic cohorts." PLoS Genet. 15(11): e1008432.

A method of dimensionality reduction and visualization of population genetic data.

Inference using two locus statistics

A.P. Ragsdale, S. Gravel, (2019). "Models of archaic admixture and recent history from two-locus statistics." PLoS Genet. 1008204.

A likelihood approach to infer complex demographic models using two-locus statistics

Inference using efficient computation of the allele frequency spectrum

J. Jouganous, W. Long, A.P. Ragsdale, S. Gravel, (2017). "Inferring the Joint Demographic History of Multiple Populations: Beyond the Diffusion Approximation ." Genetics 206 (3).

Recursion equations help infer demographic models from allele frequency data

Models of local ancestry

S. Gravel, (2012). "Population genetics models of local ancestry ." Genetics 191 (607).

Mathematical and inference models for the distribution and variance of ancestry along the genome.